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<akiym> I'm thinking about Q36...
<evilhacker> how about irc bot?
<akiym> evilhacker: good idea. why don't you make a irc bot with me?
<evilhacker> sounds good
<akiym> :)
<akiym> have you ever made a irc bot?
<evilhacker> no
<akiym> okay. I'll give you source code
<akiym> but you don't discover the flag, right?
<evilhacker> of course ;)
<akiym> I sent
<evilhacker> akiym++
akiym has left #akictf-meeting
<evilhacker> his source code is perfect
<evilhacker> so I made a vulnerability, hahaha

akictf-q36 is in

Note: You DO NOT access/attack This is unrelated. (my personal IRC bouncer :-)

Update: akictf-q36 is unstable. It replies to such message: akiym++ If it doesn't reply, please send an email or just a moment.

This problem was published on March 20, 2014

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